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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

New subscription service notifies you

This is how big my headache has been knowing that I've done some recent blog posts that you don't know about. Our subscription service that notifies you whenever I add a new post ("bloglet" for those of you who recall)wasn't working, and is no more. (So, please, go back and scroll down to see the last few; read the comments, too, if you'd like. Good conversations.)

Now, we've got a new, more reliable notification service, cleverly called "Blogarithm."

If you are a subscriber (thank you, thank you) you should have recieved an update that this is the case. You don't have to do anything else.

If you want to sign up, just enter your e-mail in the subscription thingie and you will get a small email in your inbox whenever BookNotes does a new post.

Next up: one more brief post on two more, new and amazing Bible commentaries, and, then, finally, I've been "tagged." Which means I have to list a bunch of books in various catagories. (Thaaaaaanks, Bob.) Can he do it? Check back soon. Or subscribe, and we'll let you know when it appears...