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Monday, May 08, 2006

wonderful & unique children's books

Here are some other books we displayed at the APCE conference. Of course we had tons of adult books, spirituality, theology, social ethics, parish life stuff for church leaders. But most educators have a special place in their hearts---and bookshelves---for picture books. Here are some lovely ones. Scroll down to the bottom to order at a special 20% discount. Just mention that you saw the offer here. Thanks.

Praying With Our Feet Lisa Weaver & Ingrid Hess (Herald Press) $12.99 Leave it to the Mennonites to give us a lovely book showing a fellowship of folks planning to attend a peace rally. Praying? You bet!

Peace One Day: The Making of World Peace Day Jeremy Gilley & Karen Blessen (Putnam) $16.99 This is so educational, fascinating and inspiring---the story of how this young man started an international movement. Mixed media artwork, with photographs and colorful sketches, document the campaign.

Your Special Gift Max Lucado & David Wenzel (Crossway) $15.99 Everybody in Webbick land wants to help, but, alas, most help in ways that they aren’t particularly suited for. Upon meeting Eli the woodcarver, they realize he gave them each unique gifts that can be used for service. Fabulous!

Tumbler Liz Filleul & Susan Field (Augsburg) $16.99 Tristan the Tumbler wants to do something special for God so joins a monastery. He just can’t sit still, though, and the wise Abbot counsels Tristan to, well, pursue his calling as a tumbler. That way he can do cartwheels and handstands for God. A classic French tale, this is solid teaching on vocation and giftedness that can’t be beat. You go, Tristan!

To Everything There Is A Season Jude Daly (Eerdmans) $16.00 The well-loved words of Ecclesiastes take on new life and meaning in the sun-baked rural setting of a South African homestead. Strangely poignant.

Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden Jane Ray (Eerdmans) $17.00 We’ve long raved about Ms Ray’s exceptional art, the gold paint, the provocative figures---are they peasants? Mayan? Ancients? The borders and extra-ordinary skill of the artistic presentation make this a special book indeed.

The Beautiful World That God Made Rhonda Gowler Greene & Anne Wilson (Eerdmans) $8.00 We are so glad this is now out in paperback---bold, modern-art design with rhythmic lines that build into a sweeping story of creation make this a radiant read-aloud. We never tired of re-telling of the Biblical creation stories and this is a nice re-do. Fun.

In the Beginning Dandi Daley Mackall & James Kandt (Tommy Nelson) $17.99 Bright, bright colors compliment the vibrant rich telling. These are very experienced children’s authors and this is a grand book.

Remembering the Prophets of Sacred Scripture Marianna Mayer (Phyllis Fogelman Books/Putnam) $16.99 Illustrated with breathtaking classic art, each of the Hebrew prophets are shown, and a biography of their lives and summary of their oracles is given. What a powerful book, perhaps more appropriate for adults.

Sing Praise Rhonda Gowler Green & Janet Broxon (Augsburg-Fortress) $16.99 Bright, vivid pictures illustrate the text based on Psalm 148 and Psalm 150. “ A glad thanksgiving song to God, creator of all…”

Jesus the Word Mark Francisco Bozzuti-Jones & Shelly Hehenberger (Augsburg-Fortress) $16.99 An award winning, brightly illustrated and nearly wondrous exploration of John 1:1 and the saga of incarnation and redemption. That God makes us “good, holy & free” comes through nicely, reminding youngsters that salvation is more than a promise for eternal life, but the gift of Christ’s righteousness.

Seven Brave Women Betsy Hearne & Bethanne Andersen (Harper Trophy) $6.99 We reviewed this when it came out initially and we are so happy it is now an affordable paperback. This tells of a journey through time where a young girl recounts the exploits of her female ancestors---and what brave women they were. A great tribute to women who make a difference.

A World of Prayers Jeremy Brooks & Elena Gomez (Eerdmans) $16.00 Compiled by an Anglican priest who was born in Burundi, these gentle prayers from around the world capture the diversity and commonality of our universal longings. Some brief instruction is included. Very nicely illustrated, too, with a contemporary touch.

Come Worship With Me: A Journey through the Church Year Ruth Boling & Tracy Dahle Carrier (Geneva) $19.95 This is the most fun romp through the liturgical calendar ever done---a slightly over-sized book with bright, bright church mice. What a great idea, very nicely shown. Every church library should have this.

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